Permits, Licenses, and Park Reservation Form

The Town of Grover requires permits and licenses for a variety of activities. It is your responsibility to know the rules and obtain the necessary permit or license. The Town of Grover currently requires permits or licenses for the following activities/purposes:

Building Permit

[2013 Building Permit]
Driveway Construction
Download an application for driveway permit here.

Download an application for zoning permit here.

Town of Grover Park Reservation Form

Town of Grover Park Reservation Form 2013

Town of Grover Town Hall Rental Agreement

Town of Grover Hall Rental Agreement

Dog Ownership

Dog licenses should be included with your tax payment by January 31 and can be in the same check. Please send proof of rabies shots and a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive your tag(s). If an envelope is not included, you will be charged postage. This year, if you have a dog and fail to get a license, your name will be given to the county. A warning notice was sent last year and action will be taken this year. Go to tax collection information.

Liquor Distribution

Cigarette Sales