Town Warning Siren

The Town of Grover received one of eleven new emergency warning sirens in Taylor County. The siren is located next to the Town Hall on Second Street in Perkinstown. The new siren has the capability to sound tornado, attack, fire, warning and emergency voice broadcasts.

Residents of Taylor County are requested to be familiar with the tones:

Steady tone – Storm warning (tornado, high winds, hail, severe thunderstorms)

Wail – Fire Call

Hi-Low (Alternate Steady on and off during steady) – Amber Alert

Alternate Wail (on and off during wail) – Chemical release

Chimes – Test

The new digital siren system is programmed to sound the siren tone and the dispatch center has the option of following the siren tone with audio messages.

During the usual weekly siren tests of the new sirens, a chimes tone will sound followed by a brief voice message announcing: “This was a test.”

The new system has a computer to perform silent tests of the new sirens everyday without having to sound a loud siren signal. This will provide for verification that the sirens are working properly. There is no need for someone to listen for the siren sound to verify proper operation.

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